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1. General description „Single Media Paternoster“:

The „Single Media Paternoster“ is used, as link between the warehouses, the archives, and the input and output stations. Special developed low noise Paternoster profiles, modular designed, are the basis for the TMA Paternoster. Easy integration into the logistic field, low noise level and a high reliability are the key facts of the TMA „Single Media Paternoster“. The staff requirements to operate the „Single Media Paternoster“ on an technical aspect are kept very low.


Vertical transport:

The vertical transfer of medias/goods/boxes between floors could be realized with our fully automated paternoster system. The gentle transport of the Medias and the low noise emission for the staff and the users is characterizing our product.


System Advantages:

  • Fully automated and constant library business
  • Gentle vertical transport medias/goods/boxes
  • Short reaction time between input and output station
  • Low noise emission for the staff and the users
  • Reliable and powerful
  • Vertical sorting





Project advantages:

  • Low space requirements
  • Easy integration of further levels
  • Only one central shaft necessary
  • Horizontal belt conveyors can be reduced to a minimum


Functional description:

The Paternoster is working with a transfer station, which is whether stationary or used as a lifting device and whether comes with a toothed belt or rollers, to load or unload the paternoster.

The load and unload procedure of the paternoster is fully automated, the paternosters comes with an customized TMA Siemens S7 software control system

The integration of the return stations and the belt conveyors into the Siemens S7 control system of the paternoster is done by TMA

TMA is taking care to potential free contacts in the main cabinet, based on the project requirements.




2. Technical details „Single Media Paternoster“:

Conveyer element: high strength link chain
Chain guiding profile: PA Profile, Plastic, S-green / S-black
Temperature range: 5° to +45° Celsius
Conveyor speed: 24 m/min.
Drive unit: Gear motor 230/400 VAC; suitable for frequency converter,
Tensioning unit:  mechanical power device
Software: SPS Siemens S7- 300, Profi BUS with Operator panel at the control cabinet, inclusive Teleservice package
Transfer station turning in duration: 1 second
Transfer Medium – Transfer station: 1 meter/second
Transfer distance: ca. 0,45 meter
Transfer duration: ca. 0,45 seconds
Transfer station turning out duration: 1 second
Hand over time Paternoster: 0,4 seconds
Performance Paternoster: 1200 Medien/hour (theoretical)
Distance loading devices (LAM): 1,9 meter



Energy supply:

380Volt / 50Hz

Connection cable 5×2,5mm².



   3. Dimensions:

The TMA Single Media Paternoster base shaft area is 1,0m x 0,83m, the loading device dimensions are 0,430m x 0,427m


Top view: Standard Single Media Paternoster

Dimensions and weight of the transferred media:


Minimum Dimension: 120 x 120 x 3 mm
Maximum Dimension: 410 x 420 x 120 mm
Minimum weight 0,05kg
Maximum weight: 5 kg



Standard norms and regulation

The system corresponds to the relevant engineering standards, the accident prevention regulation “Electrical systems and means of production (BGV A2)” as well as the relevant VDE regulations

In detail:

  • The EG Machinery Directive
  • The DIN-standards
  • The actual VDI- and VDE-regulations
  • The safety regulations according to the German BG (UVV)



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